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>> how did he react. we were speechless. >> pope benedict stun cardinal with the first papal resignation in 6 century. just hours after the announcement lightning strikes the basilica
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of saint peter dome in vatican city. pope benedict chosen to be pope for life says the failing strength and health are forcing the decision. he was elected to the position about 8 years ago and you can see how the position and age has taken a toll. here he is on day one and today much thinner and more frail. 7 news reporter situations live in vatican city tonight with the latest on a real surprise for all catholic catholics. nick. >> the pope is a shy leader but today announcement reminder of the man they used to call god rottweiler. unpredictable unprecedented and might guarantee the legacy. >> at 85 he's silver hair and cerebral and says he simply can't keep up. pope benedict the 16th told the cardinal that latin he is so infirm i have had to recognize my incapacity to adequately fulfill the men
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industryen trusted to me. in the last year benedict grew increasingly frail. >> certainly slowed down a by. you can tell he had trouble negotiating step. started using the cape several months ago. >> the pope never slows down putting the church on orthodox path and opposed sexuality and female priest. he tried to heal wound. apologizing to victims of sexual abuse. but his church shielded accused priest and hid crimes from authorities. >> come to terms with the priest scandal. they have to be more candid and honest about it. >>reporter: the church is 2000 plus-year-old institution that hasn't changed very much. and society is leaving the church way behind. benedict fills stadium but always a book worm. more comfortable writing. many now calling for more dynamic pope. thanks inform the first papal retirement in 6 century. cardinal might be willing to choose a younger
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successor. >> cardinal have to weigh experience. and the need for a certain level of energy. >> tonight what looks like a divine sign. lightning. st. peter's cathedral. >> benedict won't choose successor but hand pick cardinal who will. they expect to have the act might have been his final one for the pope. this is abc news reporting from vatican city back to you. >> okay nick thanks very much. as mentioned the pope apologized to the victim of sexual abuse at the hands of the church. but as lee ann explains he will also be remembered for what he did not do. >> in 2010 during a visit to westminster abby in england the pope offered one of many apologies to the victim of sexual abuse. >> i express my deep sorrow to the innocent victims of this
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despicable crime also the first pope to meet with victims. but for some of them his actions came too late. >> i don't think he did. >> survivor network for those abused by preelingts commonly known as snap before leaving the church for 25 years benedict then known as cardinal joseph was in charge of investigating claims of sexual abuse. in a 1985 letter to the diocese of oakland despite hard evidence that father steven castle was molesting children, the pope refused to defrock him without further study. that is the signature. >> thomas is with the jesuit school of theology of santa clara university. he says the pope didn't act until he received an explicit order from pope john paul ii. >> he was not really able to do much when he was still. john paul the second tended to be more skeptical about all the the accusations of sexual abuse.
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>>reporter: he says when benedict was elected in 2005 he was more willing to take action against these priests. and make it more public. lennon abused when he was 13 says he hopes a new pope will bring accountability to the catholic church. >> i can only hope it's an opportunity for the church to demonstrate a morale authority as opposed to being in the dungeon of the vial corruption that it is now. >> this scan today has cost the catholic church more than 2 billion dollars in settlement. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> one clergy man from california plans to vote for the next pope even though he has been banned from public duties because of the way he handles sexual abuse cases. cardinal roger mahoney used to head the archdiocese of los angeles. he was ban he should from most duties after it was revealed he mishandled cases involving suspected priests who were pedophiles. mahoney
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release add statement today saying he looks forward to traveling to rome to participate in the conclave. >> moving on. developing news stand off at newark motel is over. if and it ended with a bang. 2 explosive did he vase smash the window of room at the easy 8 motel this happened less than an hour ago. police believe the man robbed a bank of the bank of the west in fremont this afternoon and then took refuge at this motel just few miles away. second suspect turned himself in early today. nobody was hurt in the robbery or the standoff. there you see the guy that authorities came there to arrest with the hands in the air. >> also developing news over seas now. north korea believed to have conduct add third nuclear test. according to the south korean government. 4.9 magnitude earthquake reported in an area where north korea conducted 2 previous test. south korea and scientist right
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now trying to confirm whether it was another test. >> investigation under way into shooting involving richmond police. the officers were responding to call of a man with a gun around 5 tonight on west nevin avenue. about the same time police technology indicated gunfire in the area. this is the scene shortly after con fronting the armed man several officers opened fire. he was taken to the a hospital in critical condition. unknown at this point what prompted officers to shoot the man. >> new information tonight about the cold case disappearance of 10-year-old boy. kevin collins back in 1984. close friend of person of interest dan says she figured he was a pedophile. vick lee has the story tonight that you will see only on abc 7 news. >> i have always thought of him as being a very kind and one of the kindest pichl ever met. >>reporter: susan for the sake
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of the story referring to dan, a person of interest in the 1984 disappearance of 10-year-old kevin collins. police say he had at least 5 aliases. we now know he had a sixth. susan knew him as kelly jackson. she met him in 1979 and friendship last add decade. >> they have me over all the time. they made me coffee. used to hang out we were close. neighbors. we were in each other opposite pockets. >>reporter: jackson wanted in a canada under another alias forth 1973 kidnapping and sexual assault of 2 juveniles. >> they said had he gotten into some trouble in canada and so it was going to cause problems for him staying here if he used the same name. he knew how to change his identity and how not to leave a paper trail. so i think that they were conscious about living under the radar. >>reporter: jackson never told her he was a fugitive for molesting juveniles. susan says she didn't know for sure but there were scenes he might have liked young boys.
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>> he did tell me a story that had a sexual component in it about a young boy. >>reporter: susan says jackson told her about a boy who lived next door. that he looked out at the child's bedroom window. and watched them explore his sexuality. >> just the way he told the story made me go to oh, it was it made me feel a little bit uncomfortable. this is a little bit over the lien. that he probably had some sort of interest in younger boys because it sounded like the kid was younger. >>reporter: witness say they saw kevin talking to a tall blonde man with a dog. susan says he was not tall. witnesses would have noticed another feature. >> he was maybe 5 foot 6. you know. maybe 5 foot 5 really shovrment had he a big mustach mustache. predominant feature. it took up most of his face. >>reporter: jackson had been convicted and served time for performing lewd act on child at
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fisherman's wharf in 1981. police did interview him when kevin disappeared but they dropped him as a suspect when the witnesses couldn't identify him from a photo spread. vehicle lee, 7 news. well there is as you can tell happening this monday night, rest didn't don't think they condition count on the cops in this neighborhood. they are banding together now to protect their own homes. >> apple ceo inserrated to the state of the union. we may have a hint as to why. plus. >> i'm in sacramento. when california of inmates sue the state taxpayers pay for the lawyers. critic say legal professionals are getting rich off these lawsuits. >> i'm in the accu-weather forecast center. it's cold tonight but we have mild days ahead. i have details in my accu-weather forecast coming u up. >> and how an owl ended up like this. look at that. stay with us.
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>> people in oakland fed up with slow police response or none at all in some cases are banding together to protect the property by hiring private security officers. they live in the laurel district along interstate 5 80 in central oakland. and as laura anthony explains residents have seen
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property crimes sore if recent years and now taking action. >> this is not an oakland police officer. but rather a bay alarm security agent. patrolling the residential streets of the city looking for signs of trouble. >> we are getting calls from all over the city. and we are trying to grow responsibly and take care of our existing customers and add staff when we add areas to make sure to serve everybody. >> a lot of break-ins. up above us and below. >>reporter: heidi is among an increasing number of oakland resident pitching in with neighbors to hire private security. to get what the city police force can't give them. timely response to a burglary or break-in. >> i understand that oakland police are very overwhelmed. but when somebody in in my back yard coming in my back yard it's frustrating to know that i don't have anyone to call. that will come help me. >>reporter: she's referring to an incident a month ago when she came face-to-face with two intruders in her back yard. she called 911 and the
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neighbor. the neighbor arrived in minutes. oakland police never came. now she and 30 of the district neighbors are chipping in 30 dollars a month to hire a patrol from bay alarm and adding more security camer camera. fch another neighbor is taking security step further. taking measurements to replace a wooden front door with steel one. >> people are constantly indication our street. driving by going slow looking at the houses. >> oftentimes we don't respond the way that we would like to. >> oakland police acknowledge they throw more resource noose fighting violent crime the ability to respond to lower priority calls has dropped way off. >> dealing with 20,000 alarm calls and incidents a year last year challenge for us to respond to each one of those. this is a solution. >> now in most cases or many cases the private security agent will be armed but the idea is not for them to chase
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down or confront suspects. they are to pro trol. check on property and call police if need be. in oakland abc 7 new news. >> cal train tweeted thought picture of the damage to the engine of cal train that hit a tracktor trailer rig in san bruno this afternoon after the crash the trailer portion of the truck was launched between the train and concrete wall as you can see. while crew cleaned up the mess only one track was open for most of the evening causing delay for commuters. good news both track are now open again. however there are still residual delay on the rail system as a result. >> cal-trans is working to stop a copper caper that is costing taxpayers millions of dollars. thieves tear out valuable copper wiring to power meter lights and traffic signal. vandal stolen cop frer 59 meters in the bay area and keep in mind that's at a cost of 35 dollars per signal. problem cal-trans is dealing with all over the state.
9:18 pm
>> last seven years state wide we have had to spend about 27 million dollars just to replace stolen copper wires. here in the bay area the 9 county bay area we spend about two million dollars every year. >> that two million dollars could be used to fill pot hole or fix guard rails or do any other number of task. >>reporter: cal-trans is fighting back. started to use aluminum wire instead of copper. less expensive and therefore less attractive to thieves. maybe that will get them to knock it off. >> i hope soil. spencer is here with the forecast and you can not ask for better start to the week. question is how long will this continue. >> go for awhile. it will be like spring and then all of a sudden winter comes back on us. live view right now of conditions along the embarcadero from our high definition roof top camera. we have clear skies. all around the bay area and spring like and mild afternoon we had. getting pretty chilly tonight but at least the sky are clear.
9:19 pm
no precipitation. live doppler 7 hd. there is just a little spot clouds near the peninsula coast line but otherwise we have clear skies and temperatures are dropping. look at the current temperature readings down to 43 degrees santa rosa already. 47 nap a.43 in novato. 39 at fairfield. 41 half moon bay. 50 here at san francisco. we have some cold spots overnight. clear and cold overnight. sunny mild days will follow this week and will we see high pressure up to about 70 degrees or possibly even higher by friday. satellite image show as huge ridge of high pressure. dominant feature and weather picture at the moment. it's strong all week long that keep our sky clear acknowledged conditions relatively cool in the daytime. we'll see slow clouds mention near the coast line but won't move overland. so tomorrow sunny mild once again even milder than today as
9:20 pm
a matter of fact. then we have a string of mild day coming our way but before you get mild tomorrow it gets colder tonight. low pressure will drop down to about 50 degrees and santa rosa. 31 at nap a.32 at fairfield. 33 at livermore and around the bayshore line low in the mid 30's overnight so it's cold just about everywhere in the bay area. in the wee hours of the morning by afternoon tomorrow we'll be basking in warm sunshine. high pressure in the south bay. low to mid 60's. 62 at san jose. 63 at campbell. on peninsula low 60's as well. 62 at redwood city and palo alto. on the coast 59 at pacifica. 62 at half moon bay. tomorrow downtown san francisco high of 60 with 58 in the upset district up in the north bay. look for mid 60's at santa rosa and calistoga and sonoma. nearest bay high low 60's. 62 at oakland and castro valley. 61 at newark. inland east bay high in the low 60's. 62 at danville and please anton and
9:21 pm
dublin and monterey bay look for high mainly in the low 60's although a little cooler at monterey and carmel which will top out at 59. 57 respectivel respectively. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. thursday friday high pressure in the upper 70's about 70. inland around the bay mid 60's on the coast. just have a graduate minor cool down over the weekend and by the way thursday valentine's day next monday president day so couple necessary holiday coming up. in the weather is floor usually lovely and spring like. >> perfect sir. thank you very much is that valentine's day. have you made a reservation yet for valentine's day? come up. one thing you might not think about signing up for in advance. >> highest military award but someone else stole the show at the white house. those stories you can't move the tv there.
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>> 49ers quarterback chris made one little boy very happy today. he went to the ronald mcdonald house at stanford today to visit 8-year-old garrett signs. garrett is a huge forty-niner fan who is battling law chemoyeah he received a bone marrow transplant at lucille packard children hospital. his sister who is just 9 months old at the time was the donor. his mother says he was so excited to see chris he couldn't sleep last night. this is good p.r. for chris as well because you may recall during the superbowl week he made disparaging comments about gay people to the media for which he later apologized. >> cute kid got to throw a football with his hero today. >> well city get more crowded one question is becoming more and more important. where did you put all of the cars?
9:26 pm
as jonathan bloom found out more room than you might think and now there is an app to help you find it. >>reporter: to see the breathless parking valet running around san francisco downtown marriott you might not guess this is one of the slowest times of the week. they expertly squeeze cars between pillar putting small in small place entire row of space sit empty for a good reason. >> we don't turn away hotel guest. always have parking available for hotel guest. >>reporter: they are not coming for hours and the garage at the office building across the street is full. why can't the hotel rent out the empty spaces for a few hours? now they can. >> have 12 dollar writ and 15 dollar rate. marketplace as a whole is cheap. >>reporter: this is a free app the expedia of parking. offers drivers cheap rates on space that is would otherwise sit empty as long as you agree to be out by a certain time. >> 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for 12 dlaishtion you pay regular price and pay extra to reserve
9:27 pm
extra special parking. >> premium praise for assured rate on new year's eve or fourth of july. >> electric charging station and reserve one of them in advance. >> ceo says the average user book as spot 11 hours ahead of time which in theory cuts did you know on circling. >> reducing pollution. >>reporter: the most interesting thing about park now is who is paying for it. joint venture between few private investors and bmw. here's why. >> look at any city and owning a car is one of the things you reyet moving to the city. >> more americans move to big city car company best interest to take the t headache out of owning a vehicle. bmw focus on trying to find ways to ease the stress associated with mobility particularly here in the u.s. where our congestion is issue harder than other markets. >>reporter: this the is 7 new news. >> how much of your money is being spent to argue over prison conditions coming. you
9:28 pm
will see the total and why the governor accuses the lawyers of drugging out the fight. retired navy seal who reportedly fired the shots that killed osama bin laden. why he is talking about that for the very first time. a little boy at the white house. whose young son playing peek a boo and hand from a marine escort. and hand from a marine escort. >> and the food fight over sea
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>> california taxpayers you and me are forking over a ton of money every year to defend the state prison system from lawsuits filed by inmates. and attorneys on their behalf. frequently the same attorneys over and over who say the state is bringing it on it z.but 7 news capitol correspondent
9:32 pm
resports now the governor and others in sacramento want the courts to start cracking down on all of the suing that is going on. >>reporter: governor brown last month la meanted endless stack of legal documents filed by i hope mate attorneys and the drain the lawsuits have on the state budget. >> we have got hundreds of lawyers wandering around the prison looking for problems. >>reporter: the state confirms inmate lawsuit cost taxpayers 1 80 million dollars in legal fee and court appointee alone. over 15 years. the bulk of it from 2 yet to be resolved cases involving whether prison system medical and health care meet constitutional stand arrested. tab closer to 200 million if you count the state cost to defend itself. brown administration says this is a costly conflict of interest. law firms representing inmates and the people appointed by judges to fix the problem like special master if federal receiver. finally benefit keeping the cases going. >> if you make millions of
9:33 pm
dollars of lawsuit then obviously if you continue with the lawsuit then you stand to make more money. >> inmate attorney say they give the state of california an opportunity to address the issue before they file suit denying prisoner lawsuits are a money maker. >> every person who works in this office is doing it because he believes that prisoners are people and should be treated humanely and that every single person in this office could make double or triple the amount they are making here by working in the private sector. >>reporter: absolutely frivolous. state senator nationally sen headed to california board of prison for a decade and personally named in numerous inmate lawsuits. he says it's time to end what he calls abuses. >> we need to pass legislation to curb some of the things inmates can sue over. slaught nonsense. >> state trying to end federal control of the prison mental health system but attorneys say it's not up to constitutional standards yet. >> in a court filing last month
9:34 pm
governor brown said no incentive for the special master in the mental health can case to be objective because further monitoring means more money n.sacramento, this the is abc 7 news. >> the boarder patrol on guard for christopher dorner at check points between san diego and tijuana. new documents filed in court show that he may have fled to mexico. the riverside county district attorney filed murder charges against christopher dorner today. they stem from the shooting death of a riverside police officer who died after being ambushed last week. dorner wanted for total of 3 murder. search for him continues to focus on big bear lake in the mountains about 80 miles east of l.a. dorner burned out truck found there. in the mean time the web site tmz posted this video. tmz says it is a store surveillance video of man matching dorner description shopping for scuba gear two days before the rampage started. >> former navy seal who says he killed osama bin laden is
9:35 pm
talking about and taking down the world most wanted man and says he feels the u.s. military has now abandoned him. he is identified only as the shooter and he recently talked to "esquire"magazine. man left the military last year and is unemployed and worry about providing for his family. he also describes the may 2011 mission that led to bin laden devtd. >> shooter rolled into the bedroom on the right-hand side and ultimately right there faced osama bin laden less than a foot away from his gun and shot him there. three times in the forehead. >> shooter now suffers from both mental physical issues after hundreds of combat mission and says disability claim is still in limbo would. u.s. navy responded by saying they take seriously the responsibility to sailors making the transition to civilian life but would not comment on this specific case. >> emotional ceremony at the white house today fourth living person to 7 the medal of honor for current wars was staff
9:36 pm
sergeant a staff sergeant who saved lives in a terrible battle with the taliban in afghanistan ferocious fateing and spoke with abc news correspondent jonathan karl. >> for clint a high honor and heavy burden. for american hero leader of a band of hero through one of the most intense battle of the entire war in afghanistan. >> clint, this is our nation highest military decoration. reflects the gratitude of our entire country. >> this video was shot by the taliban on the day that army staff sergeant helped rappel the attack more than 300 enemy fighters against his unit of just 53 men definding out post the president today called tactically indefensible. >> mess men were out numbered out gun and almost overrun. >> creditd with rae taking the out post and helping save many of the brother in arms. more than 20 including rome were injured. 8 were killed.
9:37 pm
family were hear and he spoke to us about them before today ceremony. >> no doubt your fallen comrade in that room with you. >> they will be there. i just know it. >>reporter: many of the fellow soldiers here today. rome told us the medal belongs to them too. somber occasion to be altd son nearly stole the show before it started. >> out of the military. what are your dreams and aspirations hopes now. >> to be that dad and fatsd that husband that really missed out on the 11 years i was in you know and to watch them grow up and be successful. >>reporter: this is abc news the white house. true hero. apple ceo cook will sit near first lady michelle obama for president obama state of the union address tomorrow. cook announced in december that apple would be making some computers in the united states. speculation is that he might be pointed out as an example of tech executive investing in
9:38 pm
american manufacturing. mrs. mrs. obama also invited that as engineer who spent his childhood in the bay area and famous for the hair do during the mars curiosity mission. the president may use him to represent the success of nasa. >> first lady also invited parents of murdered chicago teen to sit with her. pendleton shot and killed last month just days after performing during president obama inauguration parade. authorities today filed murder charges against 2 gang members in the case. >> issue of gun control is cas casting big shah 0over the state of the union. each member of congress allowed to bring one guest to the president annual speech and more than 20 democrat bringing victims of gun violence as their guest. in the mean time texas republican steve stockman bringing gun loving rocker judge interest. he said he would be either dead or in jail by this time next year if obama
9:39 pm
got reelected. president address live over on abc 7 and beginning at 6 tomorrow night. florida senator aruba 0will deliver the republican response. complete coverage of an important day in american political life tomorrow. >> well still ahead tonight on 7 news at 9:00. final phase of major bay area highway project. we show you the plan for eliminating one of the east bay biggest bottle neck. >> why san francisco mayor taking on a 20 million dollar challenge
9:40 pm
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sleep number. comfort... individualized. at the ultimate sleep number event, queen mattresses start at just $599. and save 50% on our innovative limited edition bed. >> soon fran mayor ed lee said today he will personally take charge of new effort to raise money for the america's cup. that's because taxpayers could be left with a huge bill if organizers can't raise the 34 million dollars needed to pay
9:43 pm
for police services, transportation and clean up. so far fundraising efforts have only come up with 14 million dollars. that's 20 million short of what's needed. if organizers can't raise the money taxpayers would have to foot that bill. >> finally. that's what folks in the area will say. relief is on the way for the chronically congested highway 4 east contra costa county. project will widen the highway in two places from pittsburgh to antioch and through brentwood as you see on our ma map. work on the long awaited light rail system known as e.bart also getting under way. here's heather. >> we have behind the scenes lack at transportation improvement project along highway 4 today including this. which will some day be the e bart transfer platform. located at bailey road just beyond the current last stop at pittsburgh bay point. here passengers will transfer between the regular bart cars and smaller e.bart trains that will continue out 10 miles to hillcrest in antioch. that
9:44 pm
won't be finished until 2017. work on expanding improving highway 4 is going on at the same time. between love ridge road and hillcrest in antioch. it's the last leg of improvement to that highway in densely populated still growing east contra costa county. the bart and highway project total 1.3 billion dollars. the funding has come from a variety of sources including contra costa county sales tax measures c and j. the highway expansion should be done in 2015 two years before e bart is finishe finished. >> in east contra costa county heather abc 7 news. >> welcome up next on 7 news at 9:00. antic of sutro sam. river otter who may getting too much attention at the beach. we'll
9:45 pm
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>> sutro sam. river otter who relocated to ocean beach and site of former sutro bath draw crowd and admirer to the new dig but as mark explains, all the attention is also raising some concern. >> in january just after sutro sam first appeared at the sutro bath there were so many people coming around the pool the park shvs to put up barricade and signs. no dog allowed. this area off limits. >> we have seen people bringing our dog down here. people trying to flush sam out of his pool to get a better photograp photograph. people throwing things in the pool attempting to see them. >> director of animal care at the san francisco aquarium of the bay says unless were you a blue heron or some other form of wild life you really should not be walking through the area around the baths. >> this was a gentlemen hear yesterday with young child and they were walking across the
9:49 pm
front and waves were crashing and they had a large labrador with them. sign over there prohibiting dogs. and people were completely mindless. >>reporter: most people we saw yesterday and today have kept their distance. and those that didn't probably thought i'm just walking through here. i'm not bothering the otter. >> wild life experts say you don't have to bother asamoah vertically to be a threat. >> this type of circumstances over and over again. cumulative effect where perhaps sam will no longer be careful around humans and that again would be a bad thing. >> understandable that people want to see him. but if you want a good shot do what david million dear. bring a tell 0photo lens and admire sam from a distance. from behind the barricades. you can still gate pretty good look. when we got a call from the bay institute telling us about the concerns for sam and asking to us help spread the word about protecting him we said sure. they did not mention but they could have that is that the bay institute aquarium of the bay
9:50 pm
setting up a river otter exhibit this summer. they have 3 river otter that you can see up close as you like. this is 7 news. >> another great image to share. great hornd owl the ride of its life in florida. got stuck in the front grill of suv after accidentally run over thursday night by a woman driving down the florida turnpike. look at the eyes. the driver miss williams never knew the bird was in there she assume it bounced into the bushes. huge surprise the next day about 60 miles from where she hit the owl. >> the family that pulled in front of my parking space and flagged me down said don't move don't move you have something in the grill of your truck i said yes i said what is it they said it's an owl. i said an owl? >>reporter: look at. that she called florida fish and wildlife and offers came over to free the bird from the grill of her car. look how rae lead she is. she felt guilty for
9:51 pm
hitting the owl and shed a few tears as you can see. looks like the owl is okay. wild picture peering through the grill. >> update the forecast. spencer is here. >> live doppler 7 hd. few low clouds just offshore but clear skies overhead and temperatures are dropping. it's cold overnight but state wide tomorrow it's going to be sunny and mild. high pressure almost everywhere at least in the low 60's mid to upper 60's if parts of southern california even on the coast. we see high in the upper 50's to near 60. that includes the bay area. sunny tomorrow with high around the bay and inland in the low to mid 60's. 60 here in san francisco and the accu-weather 7 day forecast is looking even milder as we get to the end of the week thursday friday see high pressure in the upper 60's to near 70's. mid 60's on the coast. by the way thursday valentine's day and i think you will love the sweet heart of a forecast we have here. monday president day nice mild day as well. start to cool down next
9:52 pm
week but lovely weather for the next 7 days. >> you have a lot of valentine's with that. >> i certainly hope so. >> thanks very much. >> great picture from italy. you are looking at the italian taking part in the traditional battle of oranges held near tour in. rebellion against lords that ruled the town in the middle ages. this represents guards of the tyrant and those on foot the towns folk. looks like it smarts a little bit. >> i think we need to bring that to the newsroom. is that i like the way you think. >> certain people. >> make a list. >> running it writ now. >> larry feeling a little under the weather but not that under the weather. feisty. >> i could still bring heat with the orange. what is wrong with the sharks rate now? well almost everything actually. and you make the call. what do you think of the warriors new uniform? sleeves and pin stripe? give me an orange
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
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>> academy awards coming up very soon. you can down load official oscar app. my pick feature has details on all the nominee and helps you keep track of the favorite. it's available for i-phone i-pad android and kindle fire. oscars are on february 24th. less than two weeks away now and it's only on abc 7. hope you can tune in for big nature. coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00 o'clock. >> ct scan. common test that can save your life. but tonight you meet a patient whose had 17 of them. 7 news i team investigates the risk and the benefits of these scans. and serenade on the sand. bay area city that says the music must end or else. those stories and more coming up at 11 on channel 7. >> larry is here with the sharks in the same old yawn form right. not like the warrior of great. >> they might want to switch because they can't win a game right now. open the season
9:57 pm
with 7 straight victory. since then 4 state losses. actually make it 5 now because the slide continues tonight in columbus. shark in trouble from the opening face off. 43 seconds in thomas and brandon with the first goal of the season. todd the coach said the sharks were out worked out hit and 0out goal tend t.d. everything. ite involved into this. bunch of guys hitting each other in the head or trying to. ends up getting put into the net and second period. first nhl goal make it 3 nothing and shark score in the game but patrick tenth of the season. not nearly enough as shark were crushed. fifth consecutive loss. baseball season coming around. rainy day in scottsdale as members of the world champion giants began riding for the start of spring training. pablo one of the early arrivals and probably a
9:58 pm
good thing. what do you say about a guy who hits 3 homers in a world series but clearly he has some wait to shed. pitchers catchers report total. bruce told espn he likes the returning squad. >> look at left field to see who is going to be helping blanco out there but really pretty well set all around the infield out field and with the rotation. couple spots open in the bullpen. >> men tennis tour says 15 chapter of the open in san jos jose. this is an event that started in 1889. before spencer started. host of the great like connor to everett and agassi. that was -- level them. mike sat down with two time defending champ. >> it will be a bitter sweeteneding to the open after
9:59 pm
over 100 years here in the bay area. 2 time defending champion claims this event will always be special and. >> especially having my first title here pretty amazing and really playing as well as i have here and start mig year out right. >> he would love to be the time champion in the event. 3-peat but doesn't play the first match until thursday. that's tough ty to sit around and watch. >> one thing that the person i will play have already played a match so i'll be digging in trying to get my teeth into the tournament. >> serve one of the big nest tennis will help him make that adjustment. he liked this game coming into the tournament. >> getting better and i feel in like i'm doing something. >> he loves the bay area crowds and being from canada he is also a fan of hockey with a shark jersey in the last 2 victory. what's the favorite nhl team. >> toronto hard not to cheer for the home team.

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